Lexcel Training Packages

We offer a fixed fee training package for the mandatory training required under the Lexcel standard.

Lexcel Training

Mandatory Lexcel Training

Lexcel Training

Data Protection

Information Security

Equality & Diversity

Lexcel Training

Conflict of Interests

Lexcel Training

Anti-Money Laundering

Lexcel v6.1 requires you to ensure that all staff receive regular and appropriate training on the
mandatory topics listed above

Q How often is regular?

There is no specific guidance issued by Lexcel and the Law Society as to how often the mandatory
training should be undertaken but the general consensus amongst Lexcel Assessors who undertake
Lexcel Assessments is that all new staff should undertake the training at the start of their employment
and also a refresher at least once a year to take into account any updates.
It is likely that if you do not ensure your staff have regular training on these topics, you will receive a
non-compliance during your Lexcel Assessment.

Training Topics

In addition to the mandatory training, we also offer a whole host of other training which can be
useful for all your staff. Some of these are recommended by the SRA and the Law Society to assist
with risk management. We can also provide specific Residential Property training for your staff which
can include technical training as well as general conveyancing training.


Property & Mortgage Fraud



Residential Conveyancing’

We can offer all the above and much more.

Our Trainers

Lexcel Accreditation, CQS Accreditation

Raj Ali

Lexcel Consultant and Assessor
CQS Consultant